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Specialty Areas: Diversity and Inclusion

Luda Gogolushko has over 25 years of experience in living life with limited mobility. Born with Muscular Dystrophy, she has relied on a wheelchair for transport since the age of nine. Retaining a BS in Recreation in 2011 from California State University of Northridge (CSUN) and a Communication Studies MA in 2013, her six year involvement on campus pushed for inclusion. She has been working at CSUN’s Recreation Student Center since its opening in January 2012 under Membership Services. In addition, she has worked with the Outdoor Adventures office to make sure trips are as accessible as possible. She has recently conducted an autoethnographical research, titled, “Negotiating Space: An Autoethnography on Wheels,” with findings that include: the chair is accommodated, but the person is segregated; the world is designed for the able-bodied population; spaces and places hold nonverbal signs that are exclusive; language and signs that are used to label someone as ‘disabled’ is inaccurate. On continuous bases, Gogolushko has conducted ‘Disability’ Etiquette Trainings for ushers at CSUN’s Valley Performing Arts Center that included: etiquette concerns for individuals who have visual difficulties, are deaf or hard of hearing, those with speech challenges, and those with limited mobility.

Luda’s passion is to redesign the world for experiences of inclusion for everyone, restructure the way language is used to identify anyone with a ‘disability’; and lead the world for a stronger inclusive future. Although she cannot physically walk or stand, her drive and influence to make changes happen is full of strength beyond measure. As part of the CORE team, Luda provides a very unique perspective on recreation facilities and programs.

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