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Executive Search & Coaching

CORE is well connected in the industry and is committed to recruiting and developing the best talent.  We are coaches and mentors at heart and are passionate about learning and professional development at every level.

Executive Search and Recruitment 

Over the last few years, CORE has lead several very successful searches for key leadership positions.  We seamlessly integrate our process into the structure of your organization and structure the search to best meet your needs.  We proactively interview and screen candidates on a consistent basis allowing us to successfully match skill sets, experience, education, and desired qualifications with the best opportunities.

Leadership Assessments 

Our team of professionals have assisted companies with comprehensive assessments of their leadership teams, organizational structures, staffing models, and succession plans.  As an objective party, we are able to identify the strengths and growth opportunities for your organization while creating development pathways for your leaders and team members.  Our goal is to help you achieve the highest level of success and prepare you for continued growth!

Staff Development Workshops

Our staff development workshops are custom designed based on your specific needs and focus areas.  From customer service to motivation to diversity training, our team is excited to meet your staff and provide you with an unforgettable experience!

About CORE

CORE Unlimited LLC is a Collaborative of Recreation Experts that are dedicated to providing services and products that enhance and improve the recreation, fitness, sport, and leisure industry as a whole.

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